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Working Papers

WORKING PAPERS – Updated March 13, 2021

If you are between the ages of 14-17 you MUST have working papers.

How do I get working papers or how can I obtain updated working papers?

  • Submit an AT-17 application with PART I completed and signed by a parent. Application link here:
  • Submit a copy of your birth certificate as proof of your age.
  • Submit a recent original version of one of the following:
    • New York State doctor's note (stating the student is "fit for employment") OR Certificate of physical fitness completed by a NY State physician. ( Please ensure that on the proper letterhead with supporting official signatures and all physicals must be)
    • You can obtain a copy of the Certificate of Physical Fitness Form at:
  • Speak with your respective WBL Coordinators, WBL Coordinators are as follows:
    • 9th Grade: Ms. Philantrope
    • 10th Grade: Mr. Poon
    • 11th Grade: Ms. Grimes
    • 12th grade: Ms. Thomas
  • Upon conversing with your WBL coordinator, working papers will be mailed out. Student must sign the card upon receipt.

To update your working papers

  • If the original was obtained from Chelsea take a picture of your blue card and email it to [email protected] with the Subject line: Update working papers include your name and student id#
  • If the original was lost or NOT distributed by Chelsea you will need to follow the process to apply for new working papers.


ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE EMAILED PRIOR TO THE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE TO MS. THOMAS at [email protected] with the Subject: Working Papers for (insert student name and student id# )

Sample Email Subject Line: 

Subject: Working papers for Annie Long id# 111222333