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The following is a list of PSAL sports that are offered at Chelsea CTE high school. All levels of skill are enhanced and coaches place a large emphasis on the meaning of student-athlete. 
In order to participate in ANY sport, you must have the following paperwork (Click to download each one):

You have an opportunity to try out & participate in sports teams not offered at Chelsea.


 You can only participate in one sport for each season.

Athletic Directors: Jan Scott and Shaharizan Perez

Sports Offered

FALL : Late August - October WINTER: November- February  SPRING: March- June
Boys & Girls Cross Country Track
Coach: Jan Scott
Girls Varsity Basketball 

Coach: Jacques Noseal 
[email protected] 
Boys & Girls Handball 

Coach: Christos Adrahtas 
[email protected]
Girls Bowling
Coach: Jacques Noseal
Boys Varsity Basketball 

Coach: Michael Rossomando 
[email protected]
Girls Varsity Softball 

Coach: Daniel Jones
[email protected]
Boys Bowling 

Coach: Michael Rossomando
[email protected] 
Boys JV Basketball 

Coach: Daniel Jones
[email protected]
Boys Varsity Baseball 

Coach: Jan Scott
Boys & Girls Indoor Track 

Coach: Sean Rosenberg
[email protected]
Student Athletes Expectation for our Chelsea’ - iSchool LIONS are as follows:
  • Expected to attend all subject classes, must have at-least a 90% attendance overall 
  • Pass all subjects each marking period and have appropriate graduation credits for your grade level on your transcript.
  • Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility, and the privilege of representing your school and community.
  • Live up to the standards of sportsmanship established by our school administration and the coaching staff.
  • Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with your coach ,teammates. This will assist you in the achievement of a better understanding and appreciation of the game.
  • Treat opponents the way you would like to be treated, as a guest Who better than yourselves can understand all the hard work and the team effort that is required of your sport?
  • Refrain from taunting, trash talking or making any kind of derogatory remarks to your opponents during the game, especially comments of ethnic, racial or sexual nature. & profanity
  • Wish opponents good luck before the game and line up to shake hands after match/meet/ game.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. The officials are doing their best to help promote the student-athlete. and the regulations /policy’s of the sport. Treating them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment teaches determination, and self discipline. . 
  • Win with humility; lose with grace do both with dignity.